Monday, November 3, 2014

Surviving In-N-Out.

A few weeks ago while doing wedding attire shopping for Trey's brother, we happened upon an In-N-Out in Austin. I put all of my hopes and dreams on In-N-Out. I've heard it's basically the best burger. I guess Texas isn't doing them justice? Maybe I need to get my In-N-Out burger in Cali? Who knows.. I wasn't the greatest fan. It does look delicious doesn't it? Maybe Texas needs a Shake Shack? Maybe we will continue the search for better burgers than the ones my husband makes on the grill. He does make some pretty amazing ones. ;) 

ps: I subbed my soda for a chocolate milkshake and I thought it would be literally the best thing ever. 
Turns out Fudrucker's is the only place that makes an old fashioned hamburger and milkshake worth buying :( sad about this finding out of mine. Hopefully the next burger I have will top this. 

If anyone was wondering, this post wasn't meant to bash In-N-Out. It is simply an opinion. This particular one we stopped at was lovely. It had some of the sweetest employees and very fast service. I hope my next attempt at In-N-Out is much better taste wise, though ;)

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