Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween festival and chocolate covered pretzels.

Wednesday night, we took Uriah and Mae to the festival at Victory Life. Bev and I were supposed to have cookies and fudge prepared for the cake walk that night but somehow we mixed up our times on when to deliver the goodies. We got off of work and took our time going to pick up the little ones. We were an hour late to the festival. The only problem with this is that we didn't even realize it until the festival was over! 

After spending a good 30 minutes inside trying to get frito pies and funnel cakes and another 10 minutes in line for the hay ride, we realized they were shutting down the blown up jump houses and all of the outside games. We were so sad that we were a full hour late. How is it that I've become so bad at keeping up with time?! It's insane. Maybe one day I'll be on time to things. Maybe in my 30s? Who knows. This month I turn 24 and maybe that'll help. Ha! ;)
 Ri with his frito pie ticket.
This looks like she was devastated about the hay ride. 
She wasn't, actually. She had no clue we were about to miss it :\
 Pixie sticks Bev bought for our small get-together.
 Sprinkles, Andes mints pieces, toffee bits and pretzel rods!

Last year I was really disappointed when we only passed out candy to about 3 kids. Total. Three children total. I was sooo sad. I bought about $40+ of candy and only 3 little ones took candy home. For me, the best part of Halloween is seeing everyone's creative costumes. This year, however, we had probably 50+ kids/young adults (ha!) and it was so much fun to see the variety of costumes. The few friends who trickled in and out of our home said they saw like 22 Elsa's/Ana's and I never saw a single one. Frozen really did a number on a ton of these Brownwood kids. ;) Did you guys see a lot of them?? Cute movie. I wish some of them would've come to my front door and sang!!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. 
Until next year! :)

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