Friday, October 17, 2014

Parenti USA.

My brother in Italy had a whole album of pictures of our family on his Facebook. I just found the album today and it made my heart so very happy. It's labeled in Italian Parenti USA and makes me miss him and my niece, Sara, SO much. 
Thank you for our album, brother. 
You have the sweetest heart and I love you dearly. 

PS: that's my Senior picture. I remember Olivia spotting me $8 on a cheer trip in Galveston for those overalls.. Also for going with me to actually take my Senior pictures. I was so nervous about all the clothing changes and you just held stuff up in your Tacoma to shield me so I could change. That's true friendship, ha!
So.. Olivia, thank you. I owe you $8 and lots of hugs when I see you.. ;) 

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