Thursday, October 16, 2014

"If we are going to pay this much for crab, it better sing and dance and introduce us to the Little Mermaid!"

I can't even tell you what date nights are like with me and Trey. They are never ever the same, thank goodness. We are two pretty date-spontaneous people. Sometimes we like to plan things (especially out of town) but the dates that we just fly by the seat of our pants, those are the ones for the books. 

Something you should learn about Trey and I is that we can never decide on a place to eat. Well, actually I can't decide, Trey just would rather us not pull up to a parking lot for the umpteenth time and have me change my mind. Other than that, he's pretty much game for whatever, wherever. Sometimes I can be the opposite. So I'm a little restaurant picky? :| sorry, love. 

All we could think when we finally decided on Mi Fam was how delicious their street tacos were. And we swooned on the drive over thinking about the pico de gallo and the avocado slices. Sign us up! We are ready! So we headed over and had us some tacos (here's where we won't insert the quesadillas I was recommended and how I wasn't a fan, we won't mention that) and then we had my favorite: sopapillas. 

I think maybe I'm a kid at heart when it comes to drizzling the honey on top of mine. I love to make it all pretty and then I'm sort of disappointed at the end when I have too much honey left in my package thinking it will go to waste. So for a brief 5 seconds I consider wasting and then I remember how much I dislike wasting anything, so my sopapilla art goes down the drain and my sopapilla ends up looking like Trey's - blobs and blobs of honey on my sopapilla.  

And folks, that's just dinner. 

We are such a riot, really. Afterward, Trey let me pick out books galore and buy them.. every book worm's dream date. He kind of just totes around the book store while I purchase all of the books I've been dying to go buy over the course of a year. Sometimes iBooks doesn't cut it. I'm with you Carrie, sometimes you just need the actual book (love the smell) and sometimes I just need to feel the pages turning as I get further into the stories. Part 2 of this date went just swimmingly. ;)

And the rest of the night was just me swooning over my gorgeous husband. I love these nights. I love these dates. You are truly special, babe. I love you. Thank you for my books and for the sopapilla art and for loving me as you do. 

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