Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chop Kitchen & my very ineffective camera-shyness.

I'm not usually very shy when it comes to taking pictures at restaurants. Actually, I've been known a time or two to ask for permission to take pictures at small coffee spots. This time I was a little camera shy and didn't want to be seen taking pictures. 

I kind of wanted to brag on this place. It was so clean and bright, two of my favorite things. I enjoy when a place doesn't feel cluttered and is open and calm. I have a busy life so when I eat my lunch I really enjoy the hour to relax, if possible. 

I sneaked this picture so even Trey didn't notice I was taking it. I liked the cute print on all of the napkin holders and I liked the pretty white plates all of the food was served on. For convenience, when you first walk in there is a menu on the wall and to the right is a board posted of all the daily specials. You wait in line to fill out a small, white square of paper that has the menu and a box next to each item that you can check off as you go, placing your order for you. You don't actually have to tell them what you want, you just hand them the paper when you're finished. Super convenient and quick! I honestly don't know why I didn't take a picture of the food. You know how I am about that.. whether you want to or not, you see my breakfast, lunch or dinner on this blog. Sorry if that bothers you. I just love good food. 

Aside from my camera-shyness and absolutely no good pictures of Chop Kitchen (except that fantastic wall.. geesh, what a good update from La Botana), I hope you try out CK and love it on your first go just as much as me and Trey! 

Happy Tuesday ;)

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