Thursday, October 9, 2014

For now, Little Red.

I wasn't sure how I felt about posting these pictures.. but I think it will be okay. Last Saturday Trey and I had just pulled up to our home and decided, with so many guests staying over, we would park his truck in the street. I remember thinking that just a few months ago our truck had gotten hit in the middle of the night and that maybe we should park it somewhere else for the night. Our little driveway can only park 3 cars and his truck, even though not a big one, just wouldn't fit. But Trey assured me the truck would be just fine until morning. It wasn't too much after midnight that we heard the worst sound ever.. a crash. My friend Brit yelled that someone had flipped their car outside.. terrible, right? Trey and I raced outside to see a little silver Chevy flipped in the middle of the road. 

No other details should be shared other than the fact that the young couple in the car walked away with some bumps, cuts and one had a broken wrist. I was very saddened by this. Not only because I'm sure being 17 and flipping your vehicle is terrifying, but that no doubt there was some texting and driving going on. I'm such an advocate for keeping your phone down while driving. It's dangerous to take your eyes off of the road even for a second. Fortunately, they were both fine. But Little Red certainly was not. The first officer on the scene told us it was definitely totaled. Sad, sad day. 

Just wanted to share what has been happening in the Valencia household. Aside from that, Bev's bringing home flowers and we're on to another phase. We're very happy no one was hurt in this accident and anxious to find if Little Red is fixable or not. 

Please don't text and drive! 

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