Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mae turns 2!

Happy birthday, love bug!
I hope Aunt Ru can come see you today (stinkin virus)...

Some things for you:
1. I was wishing you'd stay in your pig tail phase forever but you're on to the cute low ponytail.
2.You stopped saying all of your words that end in -y/-ie with an "a" and that made me a little sad.
3.You are now telling me things in full sentences like MY TOE HURTS! 
Ps: I have the video and I'm never letting go!
4. When you know you're doing something you aren't supposed to, you pause for 2-3 of the cutest seconds ever and then you cheese so big.
5. You cheese so big in all of your pictures.
6. If you're feeling generous enough, you hold my hand all of the 10 minutes it takes us to get you home while Uncle Trey drives. And you insist we rest our hands on your lap so that you can still hold it and play your game on the car ride home. (You think I'm pretending to be asleep even though I'm really not. You wipe your auntie out but don't ever think I don't love every minute of it).
7. Sometimes you tell your mama you only want to wear your rain boots and diaper and nothing else.. and I'll rat your mama out and tell you she sends us the pictures.. sorry, Jo!
8. Sometimes I pretend cry and carry on like it's the end of the world because then you will put your little hand on my face and say, "I love you, Ru Ru" (I think you think 'Ru Ru' is 'Aunt Ru' and I wouldn't dream of correcting you) and I melt every time. 

I love you, baby girl. 
You make our world go round!
Happiest 2nd Mae Day.


  1. This is all so cute and true. Love my girl