Monday, October 6, 2014

The boy.

photo credit: Becky Contreras
This picture is from our wedding shower back in 2011. I know if you keep up with this little ol blog of mine you know I often talk about food, my niece or my husband, Trey. This is another Trey blog so if you're disinterested you may want to come back tomorrow. ;) 

I have so many things to share with you but I can't until January. January?! Yes, January. It's such exciting news but the very professional, job-etiquette thing to do is to wait until we are in the clear. So until then, I'm here to say I love this so much. He still makes my heart pitter-patter, still makes me weak in the knees and still makes me so glad he chose me years ago. And that solo dimple just isn't helping his case. 

Love you, babe.
 So proud of the man you are.

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