Monday, October 20, 2014

Favorite weekend buys.

1. If you have learned anything on this blog, you may have learned that I have a long time blog love for Naomi Davis. My friend Holly always jokes that if Naomi likes it, "Vicky will like it". This rings true for just about everything. Ha! I can't help it if Naomi has exceptional taste and neither can she. This lipstick she mentioned on her blog far surpassed the red Mary Kay I attempted to wear last year. I tried to dig up a picture for you guys but I couldn't find one. There's one on my Instagram, but since I dropped my phone in water this weekend, it's pretty much hopeless to show you anything. 

I have since learned that even though I think red lipstick is bold, brave and beautiful, it doesn't quite look right on me. Sorry, Red, I'll try you again in the future. But I am loving this lip shade from Maybelline. It smells so good and goes on so smooth. It even feels like it's treating my lips a little, which is nice while wearing it all day. 
(Ps: found this shade at Walmart for $4.97.. I mean, really. So cheap). 
2. On my quest looking for a dress for Trey's brother's wedding, I found these earrings. I'm wearing them to work today because they're the perfect everyday studs that match pretty much anything. Here's to hoping I don't lose these, guys. I can't seem to keep up with my stud earrings like, ever. So, here's to hoping. 

There it is. My two favorite buys of the weekend.
Hope you had a great weekend! ;)

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