Friday, September 26, 2014

Focus.. focus.. focus.

For the last year I've looked over and become inspired by countless blogs who, in my opinion, take some of the best pictures. I remember looking at my sister's blog when I was away at school and thinking look how good her pictures are or i love how she worded that paragraph! I studied English for most of my college career and sometimes I look at others' writing thinking what in the world did I study for? Maybe some people just have it! But these blogs have given me a great deal of inspiration. Especially the ones with good writing and clean, clear pictures.  

Since reading Naomi's blog, I've been on a hunt for the perfect (well, perfect for me) camera and the lens that makes me not feel the need to keep changing out between what I keep referring to as my "small lens" or "big lens". Truthfully, do people just call them their 18-55 or 55-200? What do people refer to their lens' as?! 

A few of my friends let me borrow a smaller (size wise) lens and a book over photography. I'm by no means trying to become a professional but I do like to be well studied on things I do.. even hobbies. I put the lens on my book shelf for fear I would break it and never picked it up again. That was in July. Sine then I've figured out the one lens I've been wanting to try out just so happens to be the little lens on my shelf. I've taken full advantage of it's use and though I'm not having so much focus luck, I'm having a terrific time! 
 Trying to line my little red dots up for focus.
 Bev sifting that tasty raspberry, green tea with a make-shift sift! ha ;)
I suppose paper towels do more than clean counters.

 I'll be trying to take some more pictures with my coveted, borrowed lens. Thanks, friends! So excited to put your lens to better use. Until then, you all may be seeing more pictures of tea bags and Trey's beautiful eyes ;)
Happy Friday!

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