Sunday, September 28, 2014

"It's been whisked into submission, that's why"

I've spent the last few days trying to finish my newly bought movie, Julie & Julia. Between errands and a birthday party, I haven't been able to fully finish it. I'm leisurely sitting this morning, drinking my coffee and blogging to you, while trying desperately to finish the last bit of this movie. Secretly I think I prolong it because I don't want it to end. I love this paralleling of lives between Julia Child and Julie Powell. It's one of my favorite mix of stories. 
And if you were wondering this is me listening to Julia cook Boeuf Bourguignon.
Don't crowd the meat, guys. I love her. 

I finally bought pumpkins for the bench on my front porch. Clearly I didn't buy enough because the bench looks even more sad. It's like I took the pumpkins away from other pumpkin friends in the bin from the store and said they couldn't be lifelong buddies anymore. Sad. Until I can buy more pumpkins and some flowers, I'm afraid my front porch will just look poor and sad, and the pumpkins will be friendless.  

Here we are at the party.. sort of:
 Taking a break from partying, with Lollie. 
 She carried this all night. Very professional.
 I had a little giraffe like this when I was a few years older than Mae. 
His name was "Tree". Not sure why. Mostly because we used to sit under the tree together. Maybe.
"All done". 
 This little bench is so cute. 
 Sometimes you take that mirror picture. Never mind the dusty mirror. 
Perks of living out in the country.
And lastly, since we started in the kitchen with Julia, we will end in my sisters cute kitchen. Have a wonderful Sunday. I may try that Boeuf Bourguignon tonight. I'm not sure I'm as brave as Julie, though ;)

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