Tuesday, September 23, 2014

5 am workout and unnecessary nosebleeds.

My love is away for the first half of this week. I am missing you, Trey. Come home to me. Until then I've been carrying on with my normal routine except while he's gone I can't sleep. I occasionally doze off and find myself  up to do different things in the few minutes I'm awake again. I'm turning off the lamp the first time. Then the next hour I'm turning down the tv, sorry mature, 23 year old self, I still need the light. Then I'm ushering Charlotte into the room to sleep. Next I'm hearing my 5 am alarm to get ready for my work out. What. in. the. world. How can I work out right now? I've been up all night, shifting uncomfortably and wondering how I'll ever fall asleep and then like an unwanted nuisance, my alarm is going off, blaring music in my face.. How dare it? That nasty wake up call when I haven't even technically fallen asleep. I felt like I should have been grouchy. I wasn't, though. I was wide awake and only thinking I was exhausted. 

My workout partner texted me all of the little things peppy, morning people text. Like: "Rise and shine!" or "Wakey, wakey.." and then in the middle of rising from the bed I found myself texting back saying I was way too tired. And you know.. nose bleeds. Is anyone else having them? The weather must be too much for my allergies. Too much. I had a good sit down, 30 minute nose bleed Saturday night and I was wondering if death had become me. Who loses that much blood?! No one, that's who. 

And in those extraordinary moments of my days, I realize that I've just gone on for a complete 10 minutes about nose bleeds. I'm hoping tomorrow morning goes a little better. For now, I'll just continue on my Treyless schedule, hoping tomorrow evening comes soon. 

Miss you, babe. 

PS: picture above is an engagement picture taken in 2011. 

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