Sunday, September 21, 2014


Friday night was spent on the Victory Life football field for Trey's Alma Mater's homecoming game. We won and that was pretty exciting for his 5 year anniversary of being alumni. Alumnae? Alumnus? We were having a huge debate in the stands about what the male and female singular terms are. Either way the game was fun and we are proud of the school!
If you're wondering why I'm down on the field, Victory Life has called me their alumni for years. I'm a former student and cheerleader of two years of Victory. While I graduated from another school in 2008, Victory Life will always be considered my Alma Mater and high school home. 
The morning after the game we celebrated our win and celebrated being Alumni ;) at the Hagood's house. 

Congratulations on the win VLA! Super proud of you all. Happy to see everyone at the Alum brunch and can't wait to see everyone at our Winter Alumni games. Also, happy reunion weekend! :)

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