Monday, September 8, 2014

Bake your own chips!

I'm really excited to post this because I have something to share. You may already do them in your home, I hope you do.. they're that yummy, because I was so surprised at how much I loved them. A few months ago my friends mama (who is one of the most creative, kindest, most genuine hearts I know) brought over to Trey's dad's house a couple of bags of tortilla chips to where we were watching one of the games on the big screen. They were in gallon sized zip locked baggies so I didn't even think anything of it. Once we started dipping them in the guacamole and salsa.. wow! I was in heaven. They were so much better than regular tortilla chips. I'm kind of a sucker for a good appetizer and these were just plain ol' chips. Then I just asked begged for how she did them. 

Maybe I'm not as domestic as I think I am..please Lord help me get better so I can be a better wife (!!!) to Trey.. but I really try to make what I can food wise at home instead of buying it. For me, it's more fun and I get to officially say, "Oh, yes, I made those". Which that by itself is so rewarding. Guys. Girls. Those tortilla chips really are just corn tortillas with a little bit of olive oil and sea salt baked at 375 in the oven. Fantastic, right? So easy. Thank you, Mrs. Kimmy! You just made our taco night so much more fun, cheap and easy!

So after the ground beef, black beans, Mexican cheese and homemade tortilla chips.. it's safe to say we ate like a King and Queen.. a nacho King and Queen, anyway. 

 Trey's mmm. That Summer working at Emilio's really did him good when we were teens ;)
Love this cutie pie's solo dimple. 
He's my dreamboat, guys. 

I hope you'll consider making your own tortilla chips soon. 
It's worth it! They're so yummy and you can sound so cool saying you made them.
Hope your Monday was great. 

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