Saturday, September 6, 2014

Flowers & breakfast in bed.

This was so nice to come home to yesterday. Sometimes Trey really surprises me. I'm not one who gets surprised easily, mostly because people can't keep secrets from me ;) but I was very surprised. 
I had a long week at work and this was just the very best thing to come home to. Sometimes that boy just blows me away with his thoughtfulness. More than just taking the trash out without me asking or taking over while I'm washing dishes or sweeping. I appreciated this more than he will ever know. 
Trey started our Saturday off with breakfast in bed. I know, right?! Where did this fantastic human being that I married come from?! Mushroom and spinach omelets. He really knows the way to my heart.. And stomach! 

I've read article after article that talks about how your bedroom should only be for two things. I'm sure you know those two things. I suppose we are a couple of rebels because we just recently mounted our tv on the wall (we had been meaning to do that all year). And we also indulge in breakfast and coffee in bed. So sorry, articles. We just love that extra time together. 

I hope your weekend has started as peacefully and perfect as mine.
Have a great weekend. 
Thank you, baby. You've made mine a Fairytale already. 

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