Sunday, September 14, 2014

Timothy Seth turns 5!

Our favorite little person turned 5 on the 10th and we were really happy to attend his birthday party this weekend. We've known Joey and Angela for years. They were our youth pastors turned friends who married us a few years after graduation. They're "good people", like my father in law always says. The kind of people that are hard to come by and you know will always be good friends. I'm thankful for you, Bishops!
Angela is such a good mama. 
 I love this little smile! 
 When did you get so big?!
My favorite picture. Baby Seth isn't a baby anymore, guys ;)
 Racing down the sidewalk. 
 Sister's little feet & cute tights.
 Two or so cupcakes later with Nana.
Angela bakes the good stuff. 
 Friends help friends open gifts.
 Seth and his daddy find the coolest gift.
Spiderman costume!
 Aunt Melissa helps. 
 but Super Seth reads so great by himself!
Best 5 year old reader in the world.
 Beautiful family.
 "Bippy come take my picture!"

Happy birthday, Seth! You're the smartest, coolest 5 year old that I know!
I wish I could keep you little forever but watching you grow is so awesome. Can't wait to watch you change the world. You're part of one of the greatest families and we're so blessed to know you. 
Trey & Bippy. 

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