Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 Have you ever seen Grey's Anatomy? Oh, you're a fan? Great! Glad to have you here. So you know how Meredith calls Cristina her "person" and Burke called George his "guy". Well, Brit is exactly 1 of 2 of my people. She's been my friend since high school. We were each others' partner in crime, stunt doubles, go-to girls, horror movies on the weekends, Friday night Chili's and driving buddies, classroom note passers (we wrote the best notes fully equipped with colored drawings and secret codes), cheer leading partners (her: flyer, me: base), share secrets forever friends and she finally got to make her way to Brownwood so I could smother her all weekend with talking, movies and laughs. I was so glad you got to come, B! Missed you most.  
 Trey and I took off yesterday for another phase of his interviewing. I haven't mentioned just yet what these phases are for but I will in the coming months. Be patient with me, friends! I love these trips with him and am thankful our schedules are flexible enough for me to be there in full support. Plus we got to hit up our favorite fast food Mexican place. Nachos forever, guys.
photo credit: Shoe Mint's Instagram

Lately I've just been trying to enjoy each day as it comes. I am the type to get totally overwhelmed because my schedule is (and will probably forever be) hectic. Most days I like it that way. I like busy. Sometimes I just like the days where I can stop and take a picture of something I like, be with the boy I love and breathe deeply for a few minutes without having to run to the next event. I love days like those. Even though our three day weekend didn't last as long as I would've liked, I'm so thankful. Glad we're approaching another three day weekend!! Until then, carpe diem, right? 

Happy Tuesday, all! 

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