Thursday, August 28, 2014

15 minute dates are really nice.

Sometimes I have one of those days at work where I just kind of go through the motions. I'm not really sure if my work ever gets done but there I am doing it. I think I've been at my job so long I could kind of do the work in my sleep. That sounds terrible but it's a little true. 

Trey and I have been carpooling to work and when he picked me up yesterday, I looked at him and suggested we go for a small gelato date. He was gracious and kind and only mentioned the fact that we were supposed to be at the gym in 30 minutes to me once. As our small date progressed I think he realized how badly I just needed time with him away from our busy schedules. He hugged me and said, "How about we go home and watch Grey's?". I quickly agreed and that was that. 

Sometimes when we get home from the gym my night goes 7:30-11pm in the blink of an eye. We fix dinner, eat and then clean. Then sleep time. Which I don't know why we fought nap time in kindergarten. I'll never know. All I know now is that I would kill for mid-afternoon naps. Or early bed times. Last night we just had an us night which I think should happen super often in any marriage. We had dessert first, we rested and watched our show and then we ate dinner and giggled and rested some more. I absolutely love nights like these. They're the ones that count to me. I think I dozed off at 9:15 and it was the best sleep I've had in quite some time. Thank you babe, you make days like yesterday feel better. 

And you know, this is me basically sad because I just ate all of my gelato in 15 minutes..

I'll love you forever, babe. 
You're beautiful to me. 

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