Friday, August 29, 2014

Never a bridesmaid, only a bride.

That's not really the saying, but I'm sure you knew that. I got married 3 years ago and I can honestly say the only times I've ever been in weddings was to help decorate or help prepare the food. No one has ever asked me to be a bridesmaid. I was so overjoyed after about 10 minutes into my date with Holly and her guy (Trey was there, too) when she handed me this cute little card. 
sorry for bad angling and bad lighting.. 
It had a cute little poem about needing all things borrowed, blue, old and new - and me! To make it rhyme it said "and you!" but you know. I was so excited! She looked at me (after unnecessary jumping in my seat and hugging) and said, "Did you really think you weren't going to be in it?". So there's that ;) I really am so thrilled for you, Holly and Wade. You will make a beautiful married couple and I'm so honored to be involved in your big day!

Here's us celebrating over froyo. I'll apologize for my lack of style and just say I had just left the gym (and then work, again) from doing circuits and some other nasty, sweaty training. You can't see it but my face is still super red over an hour later because I really thought my sister of a trainer was going to kill me. That's not even related to why we were having a small celebration. Holly just left her job of two years to return home and marry her love. I'm so glad you're back, Hol! I missed you so much. Here's to many nights of coffee and staying up talking. You know, the usual. 

So I can officially say I'll be a bridesmaid in March. A bride then a bridesmaid. Matron? Bridesmatron? I've got to get hip on all of this lingo. Hope your Friday is amazing!

Happy weekending, friends! 

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