Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I probably post way too many pictures of food.

This was our lunch today and it was beyond delicious. I felt like I kept cramming veggies into it and really thought it was going to be a huge wrap but when I rolled it up it was so little. Still. Delicious. Ever since Trey told me about these spinach herb tortillas for wraps, it's the only thing I will buy. I always have them on my kitchen cart just waiting to be eaten. They're delicious and you can put anything on them. I love to put black olives, spinach, tomatoes and especially avocado with all of the usual stuff like turkey or ham and then maybe cream cheese. I also really like the colby-pepper jack cheese on this. Actually, I like the colby-pepper jack cheese on anything that requires sliced cheese. The actual death of me ;) my love of cheeses. 

I hope you guys will try these tortillas out for your wraps if you haven't already. I'm probably a wrap rookie compared to others. Given that I'm not one for change, hopefully my love of wraps will help me branch out and try anything you guys and gals might suggest. 

I hope your day is incredible. Wednesday, middle of the week or not - you always have the opportunity to make your time matter. Arrivederci! 

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