Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spending time with good people + the lip balm incident.

Lately I've had the chance to spend time with all of the people I grew up with. These are people I adore and wish I would've had the chance in college to spend time with. Yes, my town is small and yes my Alma Mater is small but everyone got so busy with life, there was never an opportunity to just get together. Thank you, Summer! As you can tell, he looks incredibly enthused about my picture taking abilities. I'm really thankful for the, "Hey I've got an hour before I have to do so and so.. let's go grab coffee" or those amazing times when he will offer bringing tacos to my work when it's a late night. Thank you, friend. You'll never know how much I have missed you!
Things have been going exceptionally well for me. But..I was really sad when I opened my purse to dig out lip balm and found that it melted upside down so that when I opened it, it looked like this. Don't worry, it's back to normal now and in full usage. It's safe to say I haven't been out since Saturday (the day I got sick :\ ) if my biggest news is my lip balm melted upside down. I have watched a lot of Lorelai & Rory, drank a lot of water and taken a lot of medicine. As Lorelai would say, "The best part of being sick is watching good TV". Thank God I had the Gilmore Girls. Saying goodbye to sick days and hello to better health. Do you remember when I wrote here and here about being sick? I swore I would jump the healthy bandwagon! I've done so many things this year to better my health. I still fully intend to do that! I'm happiest when I've worked hard to better my body. I'm not a teenager anymore, back when my body could just jump back after being sick, and I have to watch everything I put in. I'm so excited to learn as much as I can about vitamins and tons of good foods with antioxidants. 
To start with, LC's post on vitamins has been the most helpful for me. I hope it can help you, too! 

Have a great Tuesday, friends.

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