Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taco Shack & gym rats.

The Taco Shack. Have you been? You're missing out if you haven't gone. We've been telling each other this is where we will have lunch for two days and we kept forgetting.. until today. Y'all, it changed my taco loving life. For all of you Brownwoodians, this is on Coggin across from where Movie Magic (taking it way back) used to be. It's an orange and teal building - you can't miss it! They open at 5 am and have been closing around 2 pm. Best part? They deliver if you order over $15 of food. If you have ever met me and Trey, you'll know this is likely and we will probably be ordering this a lot. (Or maybe my sister will kick my butt and I'll rarely get to order, see here the last time I was afraid to tell her I ate mashed potatoes after the gym). Ha! We are some steak and rice girls but you know how you've got to eat if you're serious about the gym life. We are. But we're also serious about some good tacos, too. We had mixed street tacos. And if you can't tell how delicious they look from the picture then I'm not sure how to take you as a person ;)
This is also us last night towards the end of our workouts. I'm a firm believer in leaving your phone in the car while working out because it's a huge distraction (unless you don't have a partner and need that pump up music! You go, girl! Or boy!!) but I was sort of getting jealous of everyone having videos of Trey going up on dead lift and me having nothing on my camera roll of him. I'm so super proud of my guy. He works incredibly hard everyday we're at the gym. 

Disclaimer: That's the weight Trey is currently working on. He didn't get it last night 
but we all know he will! Proud of you, baby!

On Wednesdays we usually miss the gym because of church but today after those delicious (but deadly) tacos, Trey and I decided we needed to hit up the gym tonight. Cardio and weights - we're coming for you!!

Hope your Wednesday has been happy. 
If you live here, try those tacos!

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