Sunday, July 27, 2014

Donut + garage sale find + park situations.

Hello, all!
This Saturday has been quite eventful. I can't believe it's technically already Sunday. I've had two kiddos and a ton of coffee today so I can't decide if I'm delirious or if I've had way too much coffee. Maybe a bit of both? I've had my niece and nephew since this morning. Trey and I slept a little later than intended  (I'm sorry to report we had the best night ever Friday night, and the steaks, pool, Cards Against Humanity and birthday pie didn't even get documented) and after a bit of morning cleaning, we went and picked up my two favorite littles. 

Of course our morning included eggs, bacon and donuts (this is when the coffee frenzy began) and spent time with my momma and daddy before they headed out of town.

Info for your possible question: The donuts are on small plates that I found at a garage sale last weekend. The sale was a friend of my sister's that she used to gym with and the dishes I found were her grandmothers. There was a set of four and she sold them to me for a quarter a piece. A quarter, people! I snatched them up so fast I'm pretty sure no one else even stood a chance. I love the gold on them and that blue is what caught my eye out of all the dishes. Thank God for grandma's with wonderful taste! And if anyone was wondering, my sister's friends grandma is still alive and beautiful, I'm sure. She's now happily in assisted living instead of a giant, lonely house with no one to share her beautiful things with. That made me happy and I hope she knows her pretty little plates are safe and in use at my home!

We watched all things Avengers and then put the little ones down for a mid-afternoon nap. That didn't go without some cuddling and coaxing, reminding them if they napped we would for sure go to the park when it cooled down and Uncle Trey finished with band practice. 

And here they are after cooperating:
OshKosh. I still can't get over her overalls today. 
 Ri is such a big helper on the playground. 
 Can she pretty please stay this little forever? 
Still adoring these. 
 I just kept hearing Trey say, "Say cheese! for Aunt Ru". 
 That poor braid didn't stand a chance today. 
I love Uriah in this, Sandlot meets Mean Girls stance he's got going.
Then there's always Mae taking 'cheese' to a whole new level. 
Love these three and our park day. 

Aunt Ru sure loves you Ri & Mae. 
I'll always treasure my Saturday's with you both.
Love you 'oooooh punch' (so much) as Mae says. 

Hope your Saturday was as beautiful as mine.

PS: before posting I always reread my blog several times to make sure it doesn't sound too all over the place (especially if I'm posting super late such as nights like tonight) and remembered I did actually document Mary's birthday pie. Beware, while we were out in the pool I may or may not have left my pie in the oven for a few (fifteen) extra minutes and it may or may not have almost exploded. 

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