Monday, August 11, 2014

Point & shoot.

photo credit: Wes Contreras 

Here's my guy at the range from yesterday evening. He went with a few buddies and one of them took this of him (thanks, Wes!) shooting his pistol. I may be an Army brat, but I have never been one for guns. I didn't even find out my parents kept them in the house until earlier this year! They were so well hidden from us kids (great parenting if you're going to have little ones all over your home) that I didn't even know they were anywhere near. But even being a little Army girl, I can't say I ever favored them.

I have to add in here that I grew up on or near military bases and it was/is always the place I've felt the safest with my family. Guns always meant safe to me. Just thought I'd throw that in there to make my post even more contradicting, ha! 

It wasn't until I got married, had them in our home and was given one of my own that I finally became at ease. Even then so, I'm still not at ease - if that makes sense! I still cringe a little when Trey cleans them and still when I hear him click the magazines/clips, it sends little shivers up my spine! Baby steps, I guess. I'll get used to it one day. I've only been to the range with Trey once and I really did like it even though I was a little terrified. Even being uneasy as I am, I have a terrific shot ;) so please don't try to break into my home! 

All of that to say, I keep picking up my phone to look at this picture. I love it.
Thanks for being the man I pictured, babe. Even if I wasn't sure it involved guns! 

Happy Monday, hope my post didn't scare you too much!

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