Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend good stuff.

 Friday night was so much fun. Our favorite littles came home with us after the gym. The kids were so rockstar good. They weren't fussy or sad or any of that business. Ri had fun playing on my iPad (listen.. we tried to see if they wanted to play outside but that boy loves my iPad) and Mamie helped me clean until our guests arrived. We had a dance party and pizza and then when the littles left we played Phase 10 til 3 am. Whew. We are used to finishing papers at 3 am but not playing a card game and still being wired at 3. 
Saturday morning was supposed to be.. wake up easy and go to our 10 am appointments. You know.. 10 am massage for Trey & 10 am hair appointment for me. And it's not like I forgot or anything but I woke up in a total panic Saturday morning at around 8ish.. (keep in mind a little less than 5 hours of sleep, people) and remembered (after all of my Google reminders) that I was supposed to make a veggie for a funeral at our church. Woops. So, yes. This was me at 9 am.. cutting up veggies and putting stuff in a bowl for a salad. It was actually so relaxing. I would've never thought. But I made coffee and chopped veggies and then got ready for life at 10 am. I guess that hour was a good one. Who knows? I'm really happy it happened though. 
 Home schoolers had an Art Show later that Saturday & we were invited! My sister, Dezarae, has 3 little ones and they had their art up on the wall. It was so fun to see everyone's hard work. 

 Here they are! The Three Musketeers. 
 Gunnar & Trey.
 "Everyone line up and let's throw them all at once" - the remaining balloons for the outside art. 
 Little Mae walking hand in hand with Lolli & next to mama. 
 Bookkeepers by day - Rockstars by night. Kidding.. but we did Dj for Trey's uncle Saturday night. 5 hours of Dj'ing a girls sweet 16. It was pretty fun. We usually Dj our old Academy's proms but this year we didn't. I guess we fulfilled our 'Dj" duties this year.
 And you may be crazy if you think we didn't jet outta that party and head to Skillet's for breakfast at midnight. We were starving. I guess nothing quite hits the spot like french toast (him) & pancakes (her) with bacon. 

Our Sunday was filled with coffee in bed and finishing up planning our Farmhouse kitchen table. We finally went to Home Depot that afternoon to buy the materials (after months of not having a kitchen table - will explain why in the post about our DIY (!!!!) table) and started building last night. Y'all. It.was.awesome. I picked out the stain and Trey has done all the hard stuff. We are finishing the screwing in and staining tonight. All of the hard stuff was yesterday. Can't wait to show you guys! Farmhouse table.. we're coming for you!

Hope your Monday is fantastic.

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