Thursday, May 15, 2014


 My life lately has been surrounded by these things.. and I can't complain. 
 I eat these as if I were eating those Wonka Sweetarts circa 1995.
Just can't get away from Supernatural this week. I watch it every single night before bed.
And I can't say that I didn't make myself socialize last night. Yes, you heard right. The hermit herself went outside into the real world. I visited friends last night over coffee and then ruined that whole clean eat thing and had burgers and fries for the second time yesterday, last night. I know.. so darn shameful ;)

Mood: currently bummed. 
Ingrid will be in Houston, TX tonight & I won't even see her.. 
Then I'll be in Houston on the 24th. 
Doesn't that make you sad for me?
Bought this shirt Tuesday night after the gym.
 Rewards, rewards (!!!)
Do you love the buttons as much as I do?

Hope your Thursday is magical. 

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