Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I have no interest in being obese.


Is there anything else that's really much more important right now? 
I dream of it all day long. 

Floppy hats. 
Toes in the sand. 
Books to read. 
Husband by my side. 

And the inevitable.. swim wear! 

So.. because of this I have been reading a ton of the good doc's material and ways to make sure that stubborn belly fat stays burned.  But.. 

Credit: Tumblr 

I've recently become addicted to Elizabeth Gilbert and Eat, Pray, Love. 
And all I can focus on all day at work is that if I don't stop eating so much pizza (and burgers and gelato) I will never get beach ready! Lately we've been so busy we have cut our usual 4 days of gym work down to about 1-2. Woops. I was reading one of Oz's articles about getting 178 minutes a week in of good cardio. Whether it's walking, jogging or biking.. get it in there! I've decided mornings are my only free time. Goodbye to sleeping in til 7err.. 7:30. OKAY 7:45.. I am vowing to be up for that 29.67 minutes every morning. Yeah, you're right. I've got it narrowed down to the nitty gritty so I know what work has to be put in. That's me. Being a control freak of my time. Ugh. 

So while I used to be an avid runner, my mind is telling me yes(!!!) but my body is.. telling me no. Here's to being an early morning grouch again and getting in that extra run in the mornings. Let's see if being blog dedicated can turn to real life dedication. 

Ps: you know I had pizza for dinner after watching that. Sigh. 

;) hope Tuesday is fantastic on your end.

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