Thursday, May 29, 2014

(2) things I have been looking forward to in the last (2) weeks.

Two random things, I know. But let me tell you.. we've been looking forward to my cousin's graduation for months. We are so incredibly proud of him. He graduated in the top 18-19% of his class of 700+ students. Wow! He will be attending Sam Houston in the Fall. So happy for you, Christian! 
The other thing, being that I'm food obsessed, is this Zuppa Toscana. A friend posted a picture on Instagram and ever since I've been wanting to try out the recipe. This weekend we went to an Olive Garden (yuck.. worst ever - why do we even go?!) and this dish was on the soup portion of the menu. I kept telling myself I was going to get it but gah.. me and pasta? We go hand in hand. Anyway, Trey and I made this last night after church and we were pretty satisfied. It was actually easy to make, too. Biggest bonus of it all was the kale! I was really happy because Trey had never tried kale..actually neither of us had, and we both enjoyed it. We both decided this might be a Fall dish, though. Happy to store it in our recipe box this evening and make it again on a chillier, crisp winded day. 

More pictures later.. where has all my time gone? ;)
Miss giving stories to you lovely people.

Happy Thursday!
ps: happiest birthday to my brother, James in Italy and my grandma Fina over in Houston. 
Missing you two sweet people. Hope to see you soon, James. 
My hope for you: Che la vostra giornata sia luminoso e bello. 

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