Tuesday, April 15, 2014

24 more..

Here's one of the few senior pictures I took of Trey this weekend. He's such a guy. I wanted a long drawn out hour of me taking his pictures so he would have a bunch to choose from. I've been mulling over several locations and spots for great pictures and then the day finally came. I asked him, "Where would you like to take your pictures" to which he responded, "eh. I don't care. Maybe by the HPU gate". The HPU gate?! Why didn't I think of that? 


So, we walked over to the gate and snapped a few photos. I'm not quite sure you can tell in the picture (I doubt it) but we were about two minutes away from a crazy storm. It came out of nowhere! Texas -- such bipolar weather! Anyway, I snapped probably 10 pictures total and he was content. He hasn't come inside from doing yard work (not actually work because we both love it) but I knew I needed to get these pictures done. We are so behind on invitations. It's embarrassing. But I didn't want to put any of them on any social media until he got to pick the one he wanted. I want it to be a surprise in the mail! They (the few I took) came out so good. Not because I'm a great photographer or anything of that sort -- but boy.. I sure did marry a handsome fella! I can't wait for all of our friends and family to set eyes on his picture. He looks so grown and beautiful to me. We've been together for 7 years in July and I still marvel at the man he has become. I always knew he would be this person.. but geesh. When did it sneak up on us? 

When did we become these responsible adults versus the silly teens that we were? ;)

Eh, who cares? Being married to Trey means there's still plenty of silliness left. 
I love you, babe.
You're beautiful to me. 

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