Sunday, April 20, 2014

And Happy Easter.

So, starting Friday night I noticed my stomach feeling a little funny. I thought.. Surely not this weekend. Surely I'm not getting Spring sick. 

(Does anyone else get that? Usually for me it's allergies that pretends to be the flu -- ruining my life for at least 2 weeks of the Spring season. Anyone? Just me?) 

I thought -- noooo I can't be getting sick. I don't know what life is like for you guys out there, but for me right now it's the funnest kind of chaos. My husband is graduating college in 4 weeks (brutally long time away from now) and these few weeks away are full of planning and purchasing -- two of my favorite things! This Saturday was meant for fun shopping and planning for his graduation party. It's been something I've looked forward to since his mom asked me to go. (Stupid stomach bug). 

Anyway, Thursday I went to my sisters house where nearly everyone but her was dealing with some type of stomach bug. Then the very next day I hear from my mom that my sister is now dealing with the bug. Pesky little thing that bug. So naturally I'm thinking.. I really hope I don't get it, too. Yeah, right. After Friday night dinner with my parents I noticed my stomach starting to hurt a bit. Still I'm thinking.. Surely not. 

Surely so. 

Come Saturday, I'm crouched over holding my stomach, cursing all the food I had consumed the night before. Oh, the salmon. Oh, the chicken pasta! Gross. Gross. Gross. 

I'm pretty much swearing off all foods, telling myself I'll never eat-- ever again! My sister (the lucky duck who is now feeling well) brought me medicine that no doubt knocked me out for all of Saturday. I missed out on the whole weekend. Bummed. Everyone's having fun without me!!! 

Then Sunday came. Easter. 
Noooo. I can't miss today! I've looked so forward to this weekend for weeks. Why?! Why am I sick?! 

It suddenly dawned on me.. I'm not sick! So I'm dealing with a little bug. So what? I'll be just fine and I will get through this. I'm joyful and happy and healed. You know why, because He is risen. My Lord, Jesus Christ.. Rose. For me! I'm so grateful and thankful and still nothing could ever truly show my gratitude. It's not because were worthy or deserving. We're not. But He is. And He knew what we needed before we did. He understood our needs to the extent of sending His son to make sure our needs were forever fulfilled. 

Thank you, Jesus! 
He is risen 

So, take that stomach bug. 
And.. Happy Easter.  

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