Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend of all things sweet.

Apparently this isn't a yummy dessert -- but
isn't she the sweetest?
Lover and I have decided on a few workouts we're doing because we have a wedding to attend in January of which he will be a groomsman. A few months is plenty of time to get some toning in. We've also decided on a high fat, low carb diet until January rolls in, just to ensure the best results possible. That in mind, we ventured into a weekend of all things sweet knowing that we have to say farewell to our beloved sugary goodies for a short while.
If you know Trey and I at all, you know we love us some good burgers and great desserts (in moderation, of course). Lately, we've become a couple who's interested in being healthier (I know, I know.. you're thinking -- Trey?! Healthy?!). It's fascinating, really. I'm always studying up on the different effects food has on one's body and he is always sampling my newest recipes! It's all trial and error as we are both so different when it comes to a lot of foods. I love packing in as much leafy greens and assorted veggies as possible and he loves to load up his plate with some good red meat!
All of that being said, we jam packed our weekend with some really good desserts (not intentionally -- they just jumped out of no where at us!) and we were happy to do so. Cinnamon rolls, cherry/blackberry cobbler, frozen yogurt -- with all the crazy toppings -- and birthday carrot cake that unfortunately isn't pictured. Then of course, the sweetest thing we got to see this weekend was my little Bloom. She had a 103 fever which landed her a hospital visit just hours after that picture was taken. Coincidentally, she was eating some left over Halloween candy -- a cherry lollipop -- she has to be my niece, right? (She's doing better after that hospital visit -- but prayers for her are always appreciated) :)
Well, there it all is. Everything sweet we've encountered this weekend, beautiful little Lyrics included. I hope you've had the sweetest weekend you've had in awhile -- or at least  until Thanksgiving ;)