Tuesday, November 12, 2013

24 hours. 24 years.

My dad is an Army Veteran having served 24 years in the military. Last night, we had cake and ice cream and celebrated by hearing him talk a little bit about the military 'growing' him up. He said, "I was 18 and grew up in 24 hours. The 24 it took me to travel from the island [Guam] to the states". I was fascinated by this statement. What a short period of time! Not that the travel took him a full 24 hours, but that those were the only precious hours of transitioning from citizen to soldier. Incredible. 

Vietnam '67-68

Thank you, daddy. Words could never fully describe my appreciation and gratitude. We're a country of freedom because of your selfless services. 

My sincere thank you to the men and women who have served our beautiful country. I am always grateful and thankful for my dad's services to our nation -- and I'm here to say thank you for yours. If you've previously served or you serve now, please share your experience with me! As an Army brat, I am always interested in hearing anything military related. 

The fallen will never be forgotten. What a sacrifice! 
We salute you all and are honored to be in this country that you fought freedom for. 


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