Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday's Terribly Happy #5

Hello there.

I feel as though I start every single post of the week with, "It's been so busy!" -- but the terribly true truth is -- IT HAS! Sorry to have abandoned you. I miss blogging and writing to you.. whoever you are.

I can't wait to show you this weeks 10. Mostly because it's my good friend and fellow blogger Holly -- but also because they're so good!

Meet Holly.
With her Grandpa that she loves so dearly. 

Here are the 10:

1) Libraries
2) Hand written letters
3) Good conversation
4) Boys with red hair
5) Tim Burton movies
6) The feeling you get when a recipe comes out just right.
7) Sweet, sweet memories
8) A great coffeehouse
9) Clean socks
10) poodles, poodles, and more poodles

I've known Holly for several years. I met her through a friend and couldn't be more thankful for the mutual friendship. She's who can get along with anyone from her exceptional fashion sense to her geeky (< love that) love of Harry Potter to her artsy love of Broadway musicals. I have always adored Holly's love of everything. She could never just be the person who loves guitars. Or the person who loves theatre. Because she simply is not. She's got a wide range of love for life. For everything that life has to offer. That's the best kind of person. One who wants to cherish every moment of life. Cheers to you, Holly. 

Here's to being passionate about the things we love.

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