Monday, September 23, 2013


Last week I laughed at Facebook and Twitter posts as people were going through Daze of Payne (my alma mater's week of initiation for Freshman) hash tagging #TheStruggleIsReal or plainly #TheStruggle. I could not stop laughing. They were all so happy. 

Since then I've just been imagining what real struggles are. I won't get into topics that seem to be trending. We all know what they are. We've all shamefully been caught up in arguments and controversies trying to prove our beliefs to be the correct ones. I can't help but think -- are we considering others' beliefs or are we just so afraid of them that we try not to listen? I won't change my beliefs, as my husband and I have discussed previously, we neither condemn nor condone some things and we love every one exactly the same no matter what. Under no circumstances will that change. Our hearts are to love people. And if you've never stopped to realize, people -- everyone is different. 

My heart is broken at the hostility that has come over the last few years. Are we really all so caught up in being right that we forget to be real? I certainly am not here to push what I believe on anyone. This isn't a political, racist, feminist, any-ist blog. Just here to share my thoughts as of late. 

I don't know what you've been struggling with lately, but just know that I will always consider your struggle and love you and pray for you. I have hopes for you. You're a human being and you deserve to be loved. #TheStruggleIsReal but so is love. And if nothing else seems to be getting you through, remember that love is. It just is. 

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