Friday, August 9, 2013

What a keeper.

We had Chinese food for Friday lunch (those are the best) and after all of the sesame chicken and rice shared -- Trey let me have the last little bit of his egg roll. THAT is true love. Egg rolls with duck sauce are seriously the bees knees. Thanks to a certain Brian Montoya and a certain TBI experience.. he can't seem to eat them at all without the duck sauce. So yes, this constitutes my favorite Friday lunches as one of the "good ones". Not only did I get to spend it with my husband -- always fun -- but I got the last bit of his egg roll. I must love egg rolls a whole lot. 

Sometimes when I think about how much my husband gives of himself to everything -- college, work, the church, extra side jobs -- I remember how sweet he is with me and how it's the little things that keep our marriage just rollin along. What a keeper.

I love you, Trey Valencia. 
Thanks for my egg roll (and part of yours) this afternoon. 

ps:    :) 

This is from before we were married -- Thanksgiving Day 2009 

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