Monday, August 12, 2013

Two peas in a pod.

photo: Carino's in Abilene 

If you're consistently reading my blog, you've learned that mostly I blog about Trey (husband). I don't have any littles yet but I have my two puppies and my husband -- all 3 of which make my world go round. The truth is, as much as I would love a sweet little girl or an adventurous little boy, I'm kind of happy with getting Trey all to myself for the time being. A month or so ago, I posted saying Trey was still doing his Game Warden internship. 150 hours of him and a warden out on a lake. I was am very proud of him for taking the last steps in getting his degree. But then again I felt a little sad because our summer was slightly stolen by the very enticing lake and internship. I'm thankful he had a wonderful summer learning and gaining some experience... but the truth is -- I missed him! 

This weekend was the first in several long months that we have had the whole weekend to ourselves. Well, maybe not the whole weekend. We went to a few birthday parties and we had a few little things we couldn't escape doing. Other than the small interruptions -- we were pretty much together all weekend. It was such a difference from the 'us' at the beginning of summer. We communicated a lot and we giggled about silly stuff. And guess what ladies? When my husband asked me if I wanted to help him go through used shells and bullets -- I said yes! Something normally I would let him do on his own.. I did with him. It wasn't like it was a stunning experience.. I was basically just sorting through used bullets -- but I got to do it with him and that made it worth while. 

I also learned.. not really.. how to drive a standard. Let me be the first to tell you-- it's not easy at all! But if I haven't mentioned before, Trey is the best teacher. He was so patient with me and guided me the whole way. I'm not sure if he was proud of me or just proud I didn't wreck the vehicle. Either way, it was something I got to check off my bucket list -- drive a standard :)

So, there it is. Part of our weekend in a nutshell. It was a quiet and pleasant weekend. I look forward to just a few more before Trey has to start his senior year. 

ps: thank you for being perfect for me.. I love you, Trey.