Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 Things that make you Terribly Happy.

Happy Tuesday evening!

As promised, I have found my first 'happy' contestant. My good friend of 7 years has agreed to be tonight's 10 things answerer -- :) 
Cameron's answers: 
1. Japan
2. Baseball
3. Yu Darvish
5. Learning languages
6. Guitar
7. My fraternity
8. People
9. Making sexy mad faces (like Hayden Christensen or something).
10. Acting 

Cameron spent his entire summer away in Japan teaching, doing curriculum study, manual labor, etc. while we all held the fort down here in Texas. He's a senior at Howard Payne University, electric guitar player and among his many high school 'hats' he was a football player, theatre actor and in the praise & worship band for both youth and adults main service. 

My favorite picture that I had to do absolutely no arm twisting to get sent to me -- ;)
Trey and I have been blessed to call this guy a friend -- thank you for being Terribly Happy #1, Cam :) 

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