Sunday, June 26, 2016

Food + anniversary + beach.

Happy Sunday, all!
This post is going to be food filled (I'm kind of thinking that's usually what the blog is about) because I just couldn't get over the few places we've been in the last few months that kind of had me wishing I had both places in daily reach. This is the slight downside of living in an incredibly small town where you're, to your disadvantage, a couple of miles away from things like McDonalds and Taco Bell.

Abi-Haus is one of my favorite little downtown places to eat. A friend took me a few years ago and even though it was my one experience, it made a huge impact. I know, you're thinking 'Does food really make that big of an impact on your everyday life?' The answer is yes, yes it does. 

Anyhow, I always told Trey I would take him for a brunch or a long-lasting dinner soon but we never really got around to it (busy schedules and all). He tried to take me for my birthday last year but I was really sick and I just didn't want the place to get ruined because I knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy it. I have that in my head - if I'm sick, I somehow won't get the full affect. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous but that's how I feel. That being said, we finally got the chance last month and Trey mm'd and ahhhh'd over a burger and fries. I had just about the best lemonade I've ever had in my entire life and that evening we chatted over our happy lives and I felt so full to the brim with all things good by the time we left. It was such a great date. 
Our anniversary was last weekend and we trekked our way to Fort Worth for the day, all that way to enjoy Thirteen Pies - which ranks 1st in our pizza loving lives (you should know Grimaldi's takes close 2nd and California Pizza Kitchen at 3rd). We enjoyed each other so much. The day was filled with coffees, walking around, smoothies, good music and finally this ^ heaven sent pizza. Five years with Trey feels so perfect. We've grown so much together and I'm so incredibly happy in the place we're in. 


I felt the need to put that in bold. Last summer we went to Florida to relax on the beach and next month we're getting the chance again but only on a Texas beach. We're so excited to have a few days to close our eyes and listen to the waters. I've been busy looking online for swimwear, beachwear, yummy places to eat and doing my best to find all of the old school road jams we can't get enough of. I'm so looking forward to this time away from work and the mundane of everyday for some serenity and major relaxation. 

I hope your week is fantastic!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mae for a few days.

Hey y'all,

How's your week been? Mine has been so much fun. My sis has been needing some rest, so this week I got to pick up Lyric (Mae) and spend some time with her. 

I don't know how all other mama's and papa's do it at their home but here there's aunt and uncle with full time jobs and a lot of trading and bouncing time around to spend with our little niece. Trey has gotten Mae in the mornings and after my lunch break, I get her at work for a few hours and then the whole evening. It's been so much fun as Mae is finally around the age where we can have full conversations and I understand exactly what she needs. I struggled in the beginning because I'm very much a person who needs communication and little babes can't exactly give you full sentences to say what they need. 

In the mornings, Trey has taken Mae to places like the car wash for my car (yikes, I know, but she thinks it's fun), the store to get stuff for our grass/yard that needs some extra loving before Summer comes and of course so Mae could get her and her brother some toys and a get herself a bathing suit - because, hello, it's April! :| LOL and then to trek on to get our lunches both days. Tomorrow morning Uncle Trey is off and he and Mae plan on going golfing. She's had an eventful week! 

While at work with me, she gets offered lots of lollipops from my co-workers and she gets to watch her Aunt Ru count money and type a lot on the computer ;) and she just sits and listens on her headphones to barbie movies on Netflix while maybe eating some strawberries or peaches. Also, we've become obsessed with peach Snapple at our house so that's also something else she's been trying while with us. 

I wish there was more we got to do together but mostly she just plays with Alba (errr, I use 'play' lightly because Alba is still a puppy and all you puppy owners know exactly what that means. Lots of noooo and stoooooppp is being thrown around. But mostly it's just a lot of love exchange. She snacks in the evenings and watches lots of cartoons and we just chit-chat until bed. I will miss her when she leaves me tomorrow but I'm so happy I got a few days with her. 

The above picture is just me documenting one of her favorite things: our shower ;) I sneak in and listen while she talks to her Peppa Pig toys and Alba just stands guard outside the door while I do things like laundry and dishes from lunchtime. I love that I get this time with Lyric before she's too big and would rather hang out with friends than family. I love her so, so much.

I hope your Wednesday has been as busy and fun as mine!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Buzzfeed recipes + Alba.

Hey everyone!

I keep trying to be more conscious of this little ole blog of mine and when I saw my laptop sitting so lonely on my nightstand, I knew there was something I could share, even if it was extremely random. 

Trey and I are kind of getting a kick out of these Buzzfeed recipe videos that are literally meal instructions in a minute or two. We feel so confident that we can make those meals and while sometimes we don ourselves having failed another perfectly videoed recipe, we have successful nights where we have easily and efficiently created one of the meals. 

Pictured above is one of those meals. I look back and realized all I did to help was pour flour and bread crumbs into the bowls for Trey (he's magic to watch while he cooks, truly) I still was so impressed that it really was as fast as the video had mentioned. 

*Sometimes we notice these videos leave out the ample amount of time you should be leaving the recipes including meat in the oven.. you really want to get that chicken cooked, guys*

We mmm'd and said yum maybe 15 times each during this dinner and we were so happy with the outcome. I love these nights with Trey. They seem so few and far between but they're still very special to me. 

Also wanted to mention in this post how much we love Alba. She was so hard to handle for me at first. She has such a playful personality and she's still considerably rambunctious for a little german shep but we adore her. She's my protector at home and my best bud while out on warm weather walks. I missed her this past weekend when we had to board her at the vet and it was heartbreaking to spend three nights away from her. I never realized just how quiet the house is when she's gone. 

She's grown so much and I'm so thankful she was the pick of the litter for us. 

Happy Wednesday, all!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

House additions.

Happy Sunday, everyone. 
Just wanted to show you how hard I'm working at adding little things here and there to our new home. I was too anxious to wash or steam the creases out of the curtains - but there they are - up & looking super Spring-y :) 

*Also, please note how I got to save nearly $15 on those curtains (!!!!)
Please excuse me not clearing off the table after my Target run. Please excuse the firearm (only sorry not sorry) because I live with a trooper, so you'll have to deal ;) ... And please excuse the dead flowers... and also the shirt drying on the chair. There's always a shirt drying on some chair in our house. I could keep going with the 'Please excuse..' but you'll just have to excuse it all because the list goes on and on. 

Enjoy the last little bit of Sunday before the next rise and grind!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life lately + a random photo for good measure.

Tucker & I at Brit B's wedding. Love this guy. 
Here's a list of our life lately for you:

1. the Valencia household has MAJOR baby fever - who knows? we might be on the baby train soon enough ;)
2. we're in the household items purging mindset.. garage sale Saturday for all of you early birds!!
3. Trey's having a 4-day weekend starting tomorrow and we honestly couldn't be more excited
4. there are still fresh flowers on my kitchen table from Valentine's Day and it makes me so happy to see them in the early morning light before work
5. still on the hunt for a bridesmaids dress for Molly & Frankie's (Trey's little brother) wedding; thinking this is the winner or since I'm extremely indecisive maybe it's this one
6. as mentioned in my previous post, Trey and I got our year gym memberships and we could not be more happy (except Sunday when I could barely walk from my calf workouts.. yikes!)
7. fell in love with the bkr bottle site but since I can't yet commit to a $35 water bottle, found a cheaper one at Target (thanks, Court!)
8. bought new workout gear last weekend with my girlfriends from work and had the best time
9. found out I no longer like sour cream, aren't taste buds weird?
10. finally found a good Keurig coffee that literally touches my soul early in the morning. it happens to just be regular ole Donut Shop coffee - who knew? 

As you can read, not a whole lot going on in the Valencia household. I'm currently watching PS. I Love You while listening to my washer make a sound akin to rocket ship failure. I'm thinking it's time for a new washer/dryer pretty soon. Also, I almost always have a heart attack when the buzzer goes off letting me know my clothes are dry. :\ < here's to hoping Trey will read this, ha!

Happy last hour of Wednesday ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hello from the gym go-ers

Trey and I got our membership to a new gym tonight and man does it feel good to be back! I love being able to workout and build my strength and also love that I get to do it along-side Trey. I felt myself complaining tonight (it's so hard when you realize you're nowhere near where you used to be) but I [literally] have the most patient husband ever that just bears with me and let's me get it out of my system. 

A few snacks and things for dinner ^ on the stove.

 Alba keeps us company while we cook. 
Day 1 pictures for record. 
Here's to many nights doing work in the gym!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's 2016.

Trey worked on Valentine's but when I came home from antique shopping, he had these beautiful flowers set up on our kitchen table. Sometimes I can't even believe I got so lucky with this man. 
Excuse my shirts drying on the chairs and the bagged up apples. 
That tumbler is what I got Trey. 
Pixie six filled hamburger & fries tumbler ;)
Also excuse my make-up less face and the microwave that still doesn't have a 'home' around the house. 
I love you everyday, babe.
Thank you for my flowers :)