Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

At the beginning of last week, my dad came over to my house one evening to help me fix my closet door that I had broken. For weeks you could see stacks of my linens and unused blankets/comforters because the door decided it wanted to break on me. It's one of those that has two knobs and four panels and when you pull the knob, the panels come together to slide to the right or left. Somehow the door came off the track and the door fell on me. Of course as soon as I told my dad, he came right over and figured out what was wrong with it. Yay for dads that had multiple careers. A carpenter for a dad has always made me proud. Quite a bit of the furniture in their home and mine is either made by my dad or fixed by my dad ;)

He came over and after about 30 minutes of us trying to get the door on the track (it took him all of 2 minutes or less to actually fix the door) the door was fixed! I snapped a few pictures of my dad while I was supposed to be helping oops. Happy my door is back to the way it was versus leaning against the wall in hopes of being fixed. 

Just wanted to express how thankful I am to live in such an amazing country. I'm so grateful to have  the freedom that so many men and women had to sacrifice for. It humbles me and overwhelms me. Thank you to the soldiers and the veterans. And a special thank you to my papa. You're my favorite Sergeant, 1st Class in the world. 

Happy Memorial Day, friends!

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