Thursday, April 16, 2015

Storing cereal.


Lately I've spent a ridiculous amount of time on Air Bnb trying to find Trey and I a super fun place to stay a few days on our Summer vacation. I found a house in particular that gave me the cozy/clean/bright/happy vibe just from pictures. This couple had everything I dream of in white. Pretty white tile backsplash in the kitchen, a ruffled white duvet, and a pretty, white everything bathroom (really I'm talking shower curtain since that's everything to me) and amongst all of the pretty furniture and decor, I caught something even better. 

This precious couple not only hosts families, but serves a continental breakfast every morning for their guests. I had not seen hosts do that so far on the umpteen pages of lodging I had looked at. I was super excited to see wicker baskets filled with everything from bathroom necessities to snacks and water. The breakfast was served in the prettiest Mason jars, labeled with chalk. I thought I died and went to Mason jar cereal heaven. So cute. 

Even though I didn't find the actual jars, I knew I really wanted to tastefully copy this cute idea. I bought two different sized jars and after a little bit of, I really wanted the ones that had chalk labels attached and But how do you paint on the chalk so they're labeled and still make sure it doesn't come off when I wash them? semi-complaining to Bev, she spotted these separate labels (next to the jars, I might add) and jumped at me with excitement. These labels are similar to the ones I got and I absolutely love them. Once they're on, they're on! So make sure you know exactly where on the glass (or whatever you're labeling) you'd like it placed. The chalk also wipes off really easy just in case your good handwriting takes a try or two much like mine ;)

Storing my cereal like this will keep it from getting stale and since I see it on my counter every morning, I might actually remember to make time to eat breakfast versus just grabbing something to go. 

Here's to simple DIY'ing! 
Happy Thursday! 

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