Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Allergies & Watercolor.

Currently: I can't even handle my throat. It's so sore and it hasn't let up. These stinkin allergies just might get the best of me. Let's hope not. 

Last night: I played around with watercolor and made this little sign for Lyric's room. I've seen variations of it floating around blogs in little one's nurseries and the digital print for sale on Etsy. I thought maybe I could take a crack at it. After a few hours of playing around with color, I get this cute little gray. I was shooting for getting the black as dark as it would go, but I'm still learning. Thank goodness my sister doesn't mind all of the imperfections that come with me trying to learn things. She requested this in a frame and I couldn't be more relieved! 

Let's hope these allergies don't take over! 

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