Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mid-week meets & the over-usage of the word "little".

Last weekend we found out from Trey's mom that his uncle, Frankie, succumbed to his 8 year long battle with cancer. It was a heartbreaking thing to hear for both Trey and I, considering I, too, lost my uncle to cancer at the end of 2013. Trey met with us in San Antonio for a beautiful ceremony at his uncle's church. Hearing the way others spoke about Uncle Frankie helped me understand what a great man he truly was. 

Searching for Wednesday night dinner, I used pizza wisdom from Taza and asked Trey to see if SA had a Grimaldi's.  In record time, he found one not too far from our hotel. After a little traffic, a little wait and a little window shopping, we were seated and making our way through two pizzas, leaving one gigantic piece to spare, between us four. And I'm not even the least bit ashamed.  
My first trip to Grimaldi's.. can't really resist taking a picture to prove it.
Frankie and Molly. 
Such a good time with these two. 
 A little walk back to the car after a little card shopping at Anthropologie.
 We stopped after dinner to meet up with family for dessert.
Cinnamon ice cream. I guess I'm a little spoiled with homemade. This tasted a little more like cinnamon toast crunch than it did actual cinnamon ice cream. But a little cinnamon, a little coffee - never hurts! 
 Work out even when you're 'resting'. 
I loved getting in a 20 minute workout right in our hotel room. 
We shared a hotel room with F&M and giggled all night long. That made for a really tiring morning before the funeral and opportunity for a bad hair day. Bobby pins are such a life saver. My face is reading, why can't my hair ever cooperate? It's always out to get me. 

I'm really glad I got to meet up with Trey halfway through the week. Considering the circumstances, it was a really sweet evening/morning I spent with him and family. Sadly, I blinked and I was back home and he was right back at the academy. I can never wait for Friday's to get here so I can be with him all over again. 

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