Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Mac and cheese is the food of the gods!" "Yeah if the gods are 5 year olds"

If you haven't learned yet, Blake Lively has an Instagram. It's mostly full of pictures of things from Preserve, her site built up of Artisans around the country and their beautiful creations. It's a site that I basically want everything from. 

Aside from the uber cool Preserve products, sometimes BL will post pictures of family and my favorite, food. Not too long ago, she posted a picture of Mac and Cheese and these Mr. & Mrs. spoons that I really do need and posted a little variation to the normal ol' just pour the noodles in the boiling water and add the stuff the box tells you to. All B says to do is sub heavy whipping cream and 4-6 teaspoons of cream cheese instead of milk (only because she ran out and clearly she's more innovative than me). And voila! You have advanced Mac and Cheese. 

 All you need for the cheesy goodness. 
Cheese, in all of its glory. 

People. You have to try this! 
:) Happy Sunday.

Quote from One Tree Hill. 

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