Thursday, January 22, 2015

Toast with an obscene amount of butter and a Wednesday surprise.

Good morning!
I've been sick since before Holly's wedding on January 3rd. It's one of those colds that just doesn't want to budge. But I'm working through it, downing medicine and praying for it to leave me alone! While I'd like to say, after uploading and editing pictures for over two hours the other night, that I've got things to share (and I do) I'll just mention I'm sick and at the end of each work day just want to crawl in my bed and be done with it all. Is that okay? Can it be okay? Okay.

 I made a spinach omelet morning before last and in true blog fashion, I took a picture of it. My lopsided omelet, the piece of burnt toast with an outrageous amount of butter on it, caramel french press coffee and orange juice. It was a morning where I didn't care to be a perfectionist and I threw a breakfast together. I was happy with it and it's one of the rare mornings where I stopped to prepare a breakfast, ugly or not. It got me through work! You did your job, ugly breakfast. Well done.
Last night after church I just had a feeling I might hear from Trey. It's the second week of the academy and there aren't phone privileges this time around. I fished my phone out of my purse, you know, the Mary Poppins bag that you can't find anything you need but find any and all things unnecessary, and as soon as I took it off silent, I got a call! Maybe that's not exciting to you but when you haven't heard from your husband for three days, it's a miracle! I was so excited. It turned this gloomy week into something happier. I don't know what it was! Thank you, DPS academy. I was so happy to hear from my husband ;)

That's all. That's my week. 
Heading back to the gym tonight, first time since December. 
Go away, sickness. I have business to take care of! :) 
Happy Thursday, everyone!

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