Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Etsy rings make my heart skip.

For my sister's birthday, I ordered her a ring off of Etsy. I ordered it in what I thought was a decent amount of time before her day but I didn't factor in the holidays. Initially, I was a little bummed at the delivery time but once I thought about it, it wasn't too bad! I ordered off of YvonneBoutique and I really cannot say how excited I was when I received the package. Instead of letting my sister rip open the white envelope or giving it in a cute gift bag, I anxiously opened it myself to find the cutest little box ever. I decided she would have just as much fun receiving it in a 'mailed' package because when it comes in the mail it could be anything ;) at least that's how I see it!

I really couldn't resist taking pictures of the ring before giving it to her. I, of course, have waited to post these pictures so that she could show our family first before showing anyone myself. I was so thankful to have gotten a gift from someone real. I know that sounds ridiculous but I emailed Yvonne a few times after purchasing the ring and she was so sincere. I really appreciated that. The ring was exactly what I expected and I was so happy. 
"Lyric" for little Mae. 
And my sister loves it! So excited that she called it the "best gift". 
Thank you, Yvonne. You made my sister's 28th so fun :)

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