Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Busy people are actually home watching Grey's Anatomy.

There are always random people asking why I haven't posted anything as of late. 
I'd like to say it's busyness but other than getting my rear back into the gym.. I have to confess Trey and I have been lounging at home every night watching Grey's. 

I had been craving shrimp and so Trey made me shrimp the other night. I was needing Ben & Jerry's Half Baked and then Trey and Ri went and bought it for me and Mae. Because let's face it, every almost 2 year old should experience a teeny tiny spoon of ice cream, even if her mom is a gym/clean eating Nazi. Other than those necessities, life has been pretty calm. Oh, my list of actual necessities really only included the cucumber and tomato I absolutely had to have the other day - weird, right? 

Other than setting up our spare bedroom for our weekend guests, we've done zilch! 
But.. I kind of like it. 

Happy Wednesday, hope your week has been as calm and happy as mine!

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