Thursday, April 10, 2014

We'll be counting stars.

It's funny.

Because when I first started blogging, I wrote everything
in poem format even though nothing rhymed.
I'm a little embarrassed to give you the link to that even though I won't
delete it. I love getting to see where I was before
Trey and I got married. I was bubbly and confident
a little unwise, a little unsure.

But in the midst of reminiscing of who I was
my friend sent this to me

Photo credit: Google

It's a hard thing to do when you aren't casting vision for yourself. 
But so focused on the future - we forget to focus on the present. 
It's so important to change as you go. Change is good. 
Scary as all get out.. but good. 
And I like this. We aren't trees. Let's get to movin! 

It's safe to be a little unwise, a little unsure -- 3 years later. 
Unmarried Vicky is a little like married Vicky, in a way. 
We both still want to change the world. 

Have a productive day! :)

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