Friday, January 24, 2014

"Measure twice, cut once"

Trey surprised me this night by driving me 40 miles away to a fish barn. It was awesome!!
My dad is a carpenter and he has been saying that for years, "Measure twice, cut once". It means being prepared for something.. even if overly prepared so that you do it right the first time around. Trey reminded me of this last night while we were lying in bed. It was one of those late nights, early mornings where you haven't gotten to chat in a few days with your husband -- so naturally you cram everything you've been meaning to say in the wee hours of the morning. It makes the next work morning a tad difficult to get through but so worth it. 

Into our 485th conversation, I mentioned how my BA seems so useless to me. How, since we married so young & while in college (and yes, Trey is in his last semester, HALLELUJAH!), we struggled working part time jobs with full time classes and being full time husband/wife. We split all of our time between home, church and HPU. I can't say that I regret it, but I still to this day kick myself wishing I would've had more time to study. I sort of felt my degree to be useless after barely scraping through college (scarcely remembering things I was taught) and Trey poured his heart out last night trying to explain to me that it wasn't. It's those conversations that I live to hear. I felt my heart burst at my husband's sincerity. He called me the smartest person he knows, not because of what my gpa was or wasn't.. but because of who I am. 

He went on for about 10 minutes telling me all of the things that made me smart to him. And at the end of it, I told him I wished I could just bottle up that compliment and carry it with me everywhere I go. I was so proud in that moment. 

The "measure twice, cut once" reference was because I said I wish I wasn't the type of person that had someone explain things to me several times and that the only reason I do it is so that I don't ever have to ask again -- I'd like to get it right the first time. I told him it was something I really disliked about myself because it made me seem/feel uneducated (I know, I know) and his response still makes me smile. He gently reach over to touch my arm and he sweetly said, "It's just like your dad always says, babe, 'Measure twice, cut once'.. I know you just want to get it right the first time. That's just the way you are and you never mess up. You research every single thing you do so that you can perfect it every time you do it". He said other amazing things that made my heart skip -- and I'm so thankful in our midnight and later chat that he did. 

I love you, husband. 
I'm thankful to be reminded to "measure twice, cut once". 

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