Sunday, January 26, 2014


Last night was a good friends little sis's 17th birthday. It was fun. I voluntarily took pictures (because who really doesn't take pictures at a masquerade.. really?!) and had a blast. I wanted to upload these as fast as I was editing (and I'm still new to the edit world -- be gentle ;)) because the colors just make my heart happy. Wanted to share! Here are a few.
 These two are legitimately rock stars. Love them. 
This girls hair. The bees knees. Loved it. 
 A serious angel last night. He helped with the sound system and sat through the few hours of us being at a teenage girls masquerade. Love. 
Jane & Bo. It's always a happy time with these two!

Happy 17th, Abs! Hope it was as rockin as you! 

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