Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Concerts.

A few nights ago Trey and I went to see a few friends perform at a Christmas concert here in town. It was so much fun. We really enjoyed getting to hear the variety in Christmas music.. and it's always kind of fun to see everyone in classy black. It just made things seems a little more formal! We shared the camera and took a few pictures of the singers and a few outside of the church where they held their performance. I always have a blast when we get random invites to attend events like these.
That flash was a little too bright. Whoops.. 

Such a fun night. If you find a Christmas concert in your town to attend, do it! It was so much fun and really helped bring in the Christmas spirit. I feel like the 25th is sneaking up on us. I haven't even done all of my Christmas shopping yet! I haven't decided but I think all of the lights everywhere have made me the happiest to date. I don't really know why but don't they look like pure joy? 

Happy Thursday, friends. 

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